BRITE-n-EZ™ Roofing Warranty


BRITE-n-EZ™ TPO Membrane (both 45 mil and 60 mil thickness) in a fully adhered roof installation using BRITE-n-EZ™ Bonding Adhesive is warranted against premature deterioration to the point of failure due to weathering of a period of fifteen (15) years when installed using BRITE-n-EZ™ system accessories. (Other than BRITE-n-EZ™ products in the system may cause pre-mature deterioration). BRITE-n-EZ™ Self Adhered TPO Membrane is warranted against premature deterioration to the point of failure due to weathering of a period ten (10) years when installed using BRITE-n-EZ™ system accessories.

The holder of a BRITE-n-EZ™ warranty must keep receipts showing that both the membrane and other accessories are BRITE-n-EZ™ products. This warranty is not transferable to subsequent owners. Water Tight Technologies, LLC’s (WTT) liability is limited to providing a credit for replacement membrane. The value of the credit will be determined on a pro-rata basis as follows: 100 % replacement value in the first year. That amount is reduced by 6.67% in subsequent years for a 15 year warranty and by 10% in subsequent years for a 10 year warranty. Replacement accessories, materials supplied by others and replacement material shipping costs are not included in this warranty.

A claim under this warranty must be made within 90 days from the date such leaks are discovered otherwise the claim shall be deemed to have been irrevocably waived by the owner. In order for a claim to be considered by Water Tight Technologies, LLC the following must be submitted: a current picture of the roof installation showing membrane deterioration; a sample of material said to have deteriorated; and original receipts showing membrane and accessories are BRITE-n-EZ™ products. WTT reserves the right to inspect the roof before compensation is made under this warranty. This warranty is voided if the BRITE-n-EZ™ membrane is removed from the rooftop before a WTT representative is given the opportunity to inspect the roof for improper use of non- BRITE-n-EZ™ products or exposure to any of the non-warranted conditions noted below. This warranty does not cover the workmanship of the installer of BRITE-n- EZ™ products nor does it assure the roof will not leak due to poor workmanship of the installer. This warranty applies only to BRITE-n- EZ™ membrane installed on projects that have been registered by mailing (U.S. Postal service) the BRITE-n-EZ™ registration card or by completing the registration information found on the WTT website. Failure to use an original warranty card or to completely fill in requested warranty information will void the warranty. It is not WTT’s responsibility to return a card for more complete information.

Warranty registration by mail and Warranty claims must be made in writing and mailed to Water Tight Technologies, LLC, at P.O. Box 899, Payson, AZ 85547.

The remedy stated herein is the SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY for failure of the roofing membrane. WTT SHALL UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO DAMAGES TO THE BUILDING OR THE CONTENTS OF THE BUILDING. THERE ARE NO EXPRESS WARRANTIES EXCEPT AS STATED HEREIN, AND THERE ARE NO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. This warranty shall not be applicable to damage or loss caused in whole or in part by: overexposure to commercial/industrial solvents, acids, caustic fluids, oils, waxes, greases, absorbent clays, bleaches, plasticizers or other harmful chemicals, deterioration or failure of any building component including, but not limited to, the roof substrate, walls or mortar, foot traffic, misuse or abuse, natural disasters including but not limited to hail, lightning, wind, or similar natural disasters.

This warranty applies to BRITE-n-EZ™ purchased after May 1, 2008. Water Tight Technologies, LLC reserves the right to modify and/or withdraw said warranty for future purchases at its discretion having given advance notification to its dealers.

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