Pitch Pockets

When installing a metal Pitch Pocket on a reroof project, always install a wooden nailer around the protrusion. The nailer should be wider than the base flange of the Pitch Pocket, and the same thickness as the retrofit or insulation board. Remove any foam insulation wrap to a point above the Pourable Sealer line. To ensure the Pourable Sealer will adhere to the protrusions, clean and apply Rubber to Rubber Adhesive to the protrusion, extending above the Pourable Sealer line.

Adhere the membrane up to and around the protrusion. Apply a bead of Water Cut-Off Mastic to the bottom of the Pitch Pocket and secure the pocket to the nailer.

Flash-in the Pitch Pocket using Cured and Uncured membrane/flashing, adhering the material past the top of the Pitch Pocket into the inside of the Pocket. Thoroughly mix the Pourable Sealer and fill the Pitch Pocket. Allow for slope of the Pourable Sealer from the protrusion to the Pitch Pocket.

Figure 31a – New Construction

Figure 31b – Reroof